Tuesday, May 03, 2011

Is This the Dead Bin Laden Photo White House Won't Release?

The White House, citing sensitivities, won't release any dead Osama photos yet. This guy claims the image shown here is legit. We'll see. I'm inclined to this it may be bogus since as Harry Callahan famously said, he looks too damn good.

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fiatlux said...

I am not too good at understanding the Muslim "street" or the many experts who try to help uneducated people, like me.

I am told that releasing a photo of the dead terrorist will be seen as insensitive by the "street."

The implication of this is; a post mortem photo of teh late Sheik (resembling what most third world tabloids feature daily on the front page - usually horrific car wrecks and  victims of machete fights) is going to cause more problems than a) flying armed troops into another country, b) blasting the MF, c) blasting some of his wayward pals d) grabbing the body and e) dumping him in the drink.

Ah, our intelligentsia...you can never keep up with their sophistication and ability to focus on the wrong problems,