Thursday, May 12, 2011

Time Travels With Mike Huckabee

This ought to go over well.
Are debt and disco the greatest evils in American history? Mike Huckabee apparently thinks so.

The former Arkansas governor and potential GOP presidential candidate on Wednesday announced the launch of a new education company that sells animated history videos for kids.

The "Learn our History" episodes have been produced to correct the "blame America first" attitude prevalent in today's classrooms, the website proclaims.

The first episode is aptly titled "The Reagan Revolution."
Well, nothing necessarily wrong with teaching kids about Ronald Reagan, but this video is so painful to watch one would think it's produced by someone out to sandbag Huckabee.

The part at the 0:25 mark with a knife-wielding black guy wearing a "Disco" wifebeater is an especially subtle touch. That's sure to go over well. Handing the left a club to pound over your head while calling you raaaaacist is sure to do wonders for your aspiring presidential campaign.

I get what he's trying to do. He might want to consider doing it a better way.

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