Wednesday, April 07, 2010

CNN + Tea Party = FAIL

It seems the liberal media just cannot get out of its own way. I saw a promising article about the Tea Party rallies over on the CNN web site with the title

Reporter's notebook: What really happens at Tea Party Rallies

I said promising because I thought finally somebody is going to do an article to dispel so many of the myths and stereotypes that surround the folks who attend these events and comprise the movement, but alas, the reporter just continued to perpetuate so many of the half-truths while trying to say he was giving a behind the scenes look.

He repeated the now disproven, or at the very least not proven, charge of protestors hollering racist slurs and spitting on African American members of Congress when they walked right through the opponents of the health care bill in Washington DC, led by Queen Pelosi with her smug, arrogant look and oversized gavel.

He spent almost as much time congratulating himself on working for CNN, which was the only national news organization covering the western swing of the Tea Party Express, as he did retelling so many of the anecdotal stories that somehow go from fantasy to fact in the media in regards to this movement. At the same time, he seemed to be condescending in his comments about how African-American members of the crew were not treated harshly or subject to any racial hatred. He was equally amused that nobody chided him for driving a Volvo and went to great lengths to explain how he came about driving that said Volvo.

You can file this report in the fail folder, just like so many of the other reports. The reporter admits surprise at not being treated badly; in fact, he was treated rather nicely, but only uses that in between repeating the very stereotypes and myths he purports to be trying to dispel.

At least the article shows the bias that exists in the minds of those reporting the news for all to see. He had a preconceived notion of who and what the Tea Party was all about and nothing they did was going to prevent him from continuing the agreed-upon narrative and talking points that the media have decided to use against the hard working Americans who make up the Tea Party.

On the other hand, this is about as close to balanced reporting that you are going to get nowadays. Two or three paragraphs showing that these are average Americans, and the rest of the article repeating the story line about how they really aren't racist Obama haters, but just to remind you I am going to throw out this nugget.

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