Wednesday, April 07, 2010

Hmmm: Stupak to Retire?

Facing public outrage for selling his soul for ObamaCare, is Michigan's Bart Stupak planning to retire?
With just a few days to go before the end of this recess, House Democrats are cautiously optimistic that they could get through it without a single retirement announcement. That said, there is still a concern that some important incumbents in districts that they are uniquely suited could call it quits. At the top of the concern list this week: Michigan Democrat Bart Stupak. The Democrat best known this year as the Democrat who delivered the winning margin of votes for the president's health-care reform bill is said to be simply exhausted. The criticism he received -- first from the left, and then from the right -- has worn him and his family out. And if he had to make the decision now, he'd probably NOT run.
Aww, the poor thing is worn out. Well, he could have made life easaier if he stuck with his alleged principles. Before he goes, he should see to it that het gets a few more payoffs for his district if he plans on still living there.

Meanwhile, the tea part express is rolling through Michigan this week reminding the voters of Stupak's perfidy.

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