Tuesday, May 18, 2010

ABC's Long List Only Has One Name

Gee ABC found a case from 14 years ago with a Republican who "misstated" his military service, while overlooking current Senator Tom Harkin, who also falsely claimed service in Vietnam. Oh that's right, he is Democrat, like John "Christmas in Cambodia" Kerry, so no harm, no foul, I guess.

Great piece of journalism there, ABC. You say there is a long list of politicians who have faced a similar situation like the latest scandal revolving around Democrat candidate Richard Blumenthal and then the only case you can cite is a Republican from 14 years ago. You might want to check on a bunch of the current crop of so-called veterans who put on a little dog and pony show in Washington a while back euphemistically called Winter Soldiers II. They played before a packed house of Democrats in the basement of the congressional building, and just like their predecessor the original Winter Soldiers, had a whole list of wannabees, never had been people trot out their horror stories from Afghanistan and Iraq.

No, when it comes to creative editing on biographies related to military service the Democrats excel, and those that can't inflate their street cred that way go out of their way to discredit those who do serve. See: Murtha, Jack; Durbin, Richard.

While you are it, ABC, why don't you go check out the ads the Democrats are running against Ilario Pantano and Allen West, two Iraq war veterans who are threatening to take seats away from the Democrats.

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