Thursday, May 13, 2010

Chutzpah: After Cutting NY Terror Funds, Obama Shows Up for Fundraiser

Never let a crisis go to waste. Using a photo op for cover, Barack Obama will show up in New York City today to wave hello to first responders of the attempted Times Square terror attack. Then it's off to his biggest priority: Shaking down the few remaining Wall Street fatcats who are stupid enough to still be giving money to Democrats.
Obama is expected to be in New York City Thursday for a Democratic fundraiser and to shake hands with many of the first responders of the attempted Times Square bombing. And he can expect an earful.

Coming barely two weeks after the bombing attempt, Democrats and Republicans call the cuts an indefensible slap in the face.

The administration is moving to sharply reduce the federal dollars that now go to protect mass transit, along with the region's airports and seaports.

"I'm hopeful that they will change their position, realize their mistake and give us a greater percentage and a greater amount of dollars," Senator Charles Schumer said.

"It puts New York at risk and it makes you wonder about how serious the Obama administration is about defending New York against Islamic terrorism," Rep. Peter King said.
Obama's more concerned with ACORN getting money than he is with New Yorker's in the terrorist bullseye. Of course his top priority is separating idiots from their money.
President Obama has been happy to beat up on Wall Street "fat cats," but tonight he'll be even happier to take their money.

The President is slated to headline a superswank, $50,000-per-couple fund-raiser for the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee at Manhattan's gilded St. Regis hotel on Fifth Ave.

The high-dollar affair will feature fine French food, a bevy of Wall Street titans and 23 Congress members - including House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.).

Not everyone is thrilled that Obama and Pelosi are looking to use New York as a campaign ATM at the same time that they are trying to rein in Wall Street, the city's biggest job and tax generator by far.

At least one ex-congressional campaign committee giver said he's decided to boycott the event and will send his money to the GOP instead.

"I'm a New Yorker first," said the once loyal Dem, who asked to remain anonymous out of fear of inciting the White House. "We are depending on our congresspeople to defend New York, not to just go along with Nancy Pelosi for the ride."

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