Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Fast Food Rage: Women Chase Wendy's Employee With Taser

Let's face it. Who among us haven't felt the urge to clobber some dolt behind the counter for screwing up a simple order? My preference probably would be a simple pimp-slapping, but these two charming young ladies had other ideas. If they had just listened to Michelle Obama and laid off the fast food, this incident could have been prevented.
A Wendy's employee said he was chased around the restaurant by a woman carrying a Taser after she complained about her order being incorrect.

Police said the incident occurred at the Wendy's on LPGA Boulevard in Daytona Beach around 10 a.m. Monday.

Jason Hill told police he was working at the drive-through window when two women became upset that their order was not correct and started an argument and began using profanity.

Hill said one woman, later identified as Melanese Asia Reid, tried to hit him, but he was able to deflect her hand, police said.

Police said Reid and Katrina Mari-Alyce Bryant then went into the restaurant and Reid, armed with a Taser, chased Hill around the kitchen with her Taser gun turned on while Bryant cheered.

Witnesses said the women fled when the manager said she was going to call police.

Shortly after the incident, a Wendy's general manager called police to tell them she had received a call from a woman who identified herself as Katrina Bryant. The general manager said the woman called to complain about the service at the Wendy's on LPGA Boulevard, and that she and he sister had used a Taser gun in self-defense.

Officers later pulled over a car with both Bryant, 23, and Reid, 20, inside.

The officer who pulled them over said he did not ask them any questions, but they made several spontaneous statements about the incident.

The officer said Reid told him she ran after Hill with her Taser "zapping" it in self-defense and she wanted to file a report in regards to the incident.

The officer said he found a pink Cheetah Stun handheld Taser gun in one of the women's purses.

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