Friday, May 14, 2010

HuffPoster: Democrat Primary Ad is Racist or Something

Well, not out and out racist, but racially-tinged, whatever that means. The focus of the story is about jobs being outsourced to India, so using some Indians in an ad is supposed to be off-limits.
The already racially-tinged attacks being launched against Lt. Gov Bill Halter in the Arkansas Democratic primary race took a turn for the worse on Thursday evening. An independent group heavily involved in the race released a mailer written in what appears to be either Hindi or Sanskrit, accusing Halter of outsourcing jobs to Indian [sic].

The group, Americans for Jobs Security, previously attacked the Democratic primary candidate with television spots featuring Indian actors thanking him shipping jobs to Bangalore. The mailer may be even seedier.

Halter's opponent, Sen. Blanche Lincoln (D-Ark), denounced the group's television spots and said she would support taking the spots off the air. But the Senator has played a similar card as well, sending out mailers of her own with pictures of the Taj Mahal and charges that Halter supported outsourcing.
So we have a Democrat food fight and this clown HuffPoster whips out the race card, but the funniest part is the idiotic commenters who see race and immediately start calling Republicans racist when they have nothing to do with any of this.


hagagaga 13 minutes ago (12:29 PM) 13 Fans Follow
Typical racist Republicans...


IsyFleur 1 hour ago (11:29 AM) 111 Fans
As any Arizona Republican will tell you, Republicans are neither racist nor xenophobic.
Meanwhile, for sheer comedy gold, another HuffPoster beclowns himself by calling for a Department of Information.
The federal government should create a Department of Information whose responsibility it is to determine the facts behind any decision that confronts our country.
Here's the next part of my proposal. Anytime there is a factual dispute, the Department of Information would render a decision on what the facts are. Those parties who come out on the short end of those decisions would not be allowed to use their "facts" any longer (just like having potentially dangerous drugs or products taken off the shelf). If they do, there would be fines levied to punish the transgressors. This system would not only make clear what the facts are and empower those who want the facts to be known, but it would also discredit the lunatic fringe and reduce the influence of their views on the majority of people.
If we had a Department of Information the Huffington Post would cease to exist.

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