Wednesday, May 12, 2010

It's Come to This: Wheelchair-Bound Lawyer Accused of Sexual Harassment

I've seen enough cases of frivolous sexual harassment over the years, but this one really takes the cake. It's so painfully obvious what likely happened in this instance but we apparently have some judge out there who's got a real bug up her butt that she's accusing this poor guy of harassment for inadvertently touching her. Anyone with the slightest bit of common sense and compassion has to realize how it happened, if indeed it happened at all. Watch the video.
A man bound to a wheelchair, who can't even feed himself, is charged with sexual harassment against a judge.

Cheecho Mertsaris is accused of sexual abuse, although he can't control his arms, his legs, or his hands. He has cerebral palsy because his brain was damaged during his delivery at birth.

His father and an aide help him with almost everything, even eating.

The thinking park of Mertsaris' brain works fine. He moves his head to manipulate a computer. He graduated from college and earned a law degree.

Mertsaris works as a lawyer at the Taxi and Limousine Commission. He handles cases involving taxi drivers.

Last October, a TLC judge accused Mertaris of grabbing her upper thigh and buttocks while they were in the office alone. His aide had gone to file papers.

His arms and hands tend to flail around and that's where the trouble started. When people get too close to him, Mertsaris tends to get nervous and he has more trouble controlling his arms.

He says his arm moved and hit her. He says he did not intend to touch her.

The judge filed a police report and Mertsaris was charged with sexual abuse. He was brought in and fingerprinted.

The Queens District Attorney has moved forward to prosecute.

Mertsaris' lawyer says he has repeatedly asked the district attorney to drop the case.

Wyatt Gibbons says, "This is one of the most stunning displays of a lack of compassion, a lack of human kindness, a lack of judgment."
Mertsaris apparently has corresponded by email with the woman in question but stopped it some time ago. The guy was probably looking for some companionship and took it a bit too far but really, let's get a grip here. Does he look like a sexual predator or someone to fear?

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