Friday, May 14, 2010

Wall Street Fatcats Skip Obama Fundraiser


Hard to believe, isn't it? You get trashed on a daily basis, demonized by the socialists, the media and union goons, and there's actual surprise when you don't line up like lemmings to pony up cash for the people who hate you and want to ruin you. But look at the bright side, Democrats. You still have empty heads like Sarah Jessica Parker on your side.
Wall Street bigs snubbed President Obama last night at a big-bucks campaign fund-raiser at The St. Regis hotel in Midtown.

The gala -- where tickets went for as much as $50,000 a couple and whose proceeds were going to Democratic candidates -- featured stars such as Sarah Jessica Parker and Democratic Party regulars but few, if any, executives from the city's leading financial institutions.

That was no accident, according to Democrats on Capitol Hill and Wall Street sources who say those in the financial industry are tired of being the punching bag for Obama and Democrats crafting legislation to tightly regulate them.

"They may support individuals, but not the party," one House Democratic lawmaker said.

"I think there's been some pushback from the [financial] community."

Other Democrats said that, indeed, Wall Street money has dried up for the party, and an official from one of the major investment firms confirmed that its people were staying away from The St. Regis.

"We won't be attending," the official said.

While the event drew executives from a number of private-equity firms, leaders from big outfits like Goldman Sachs, Citigroup, Deutsche Bank and JP Morgan were nowhere to be found.

"I would recognize a lot of them, but I didn't see any," Rep. Ed Towns (D-Brooklyn) said afterward. Said another attendee: "I didn't see anyone from the big firms. I did see some folks from sort of some mid-level-range hedge funds."
Don't expect to see them any more. They know who's out to get them. Actions have consequences. Naturally, Obama trashed Wall Street.
"There are a lot of good people who work in the financial industry who do things the right way," the president said.

"But when these institutions operate irresponsibly, they don't just threaten themselves, they threaten the entire economy. We need reform to ensure they operate in an honest, fair and open way."

The line drew no reaction from the crowd.
There's also an occupant of the White House who operates irresponsibly and he threatens the entire economy. We need to reform the government to ensure he operates in an honest, fair and open way.

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