Thursday, July 28, 2011

Bloomberg's Ramadan Greeting: 'Shalom Alaikum'

This twerp ought to know that when you're pandering to a select audience, at least greet them properly.
Mayor Bloomberg practiced his version of verbal jujitsu Wednesday, mangling a greeting to Muslim leaders at a Ramadan gathering with "shalom alaikum."

Hizzoner was shooting for "salaam alaikum" - the traditional Arabic "peace to you" greeting.

"He just got a little confused," one witness said.
What a dope.
The mayor frequently butchers names and words, and he often ends each press announcement with a cringeworthy pronunciation in Spanish.

His famous malapropisms include saying he "recluses" himself from decisions concerning city business that might create a conflict of interest with his company - instead of recuse.

And he routinely botches the names of celebrities and local politicians.

He once took heat for calling singer Shania Twain "SHA-na-ga Twain" and referred to country crooner Tim McGraw as "Tom McGraw."

The latest gaffe came in front of several hundred Muslim and community leaders at a Ramadan conference at Police Headquarters in Manhattan.

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