Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Obama Finally Succeeds at Something

First, a nice synopsis chronicling the litany of Obama's failures.
His presidency is a spectacular failure, his historic mandate squandered by adherence to leftist ideology and relentless partisanship. His policies are crushing the prospects for growth and dooming the hopes of 24 million Americans who are unemployed or working part-time.

Yet he is not going to change. He listens only to his own voice, which is why he has lost virtually his entire economic team.

The biggest media myth is that he is a centrist. Oh, please. It's a theory without evidence, for there is not a single example on domestic issues where he voluntarily staked out a spot in the American middle.

Sure, on occasion, Obama will be to the right of the far, far left, but that is not the center. That just means he's not Michael Moore.
Yet for his myriad failures, he can do one thing: Raise money for himself.
The Obama campaign and the Democratic National Committee raised a combined $86 million between April and June, blowing past the $60 million goal set by both groups at the start of the fundraising quarter. Obama campaign manager Jim Messina announced the total in a video released before dawn Wednesday, touting the 552,462 donors who contributed and claiming “more grassroots support at this point in the process than any campaign in political history.”

They neglect to mention the in-kind contributions from gushing media coverage.

To wit:
We can finally see who he is, we can finally understand the reality: In 2011, it is possible to be a levelheaded, warmhearted, cold-blooded killer who can crack a joke and write a book for his daughters. It is possible to be many things at once. And even more miraculous, it is possible for that man to be the president of the United States. Barack Obama is developing into what Hegel called a "world-historical soul," an embodiment of the spirit of the times. He is what we hope we can be.

We love Obama — even those who claim to despise him — because deep in our hearts and all over our lives, we're the same way — both inside and outside our jobs, our races, our cities, our countries, ourselves. With great artists, often the most irritating feature of their work is the source of their talent. Obama's gift is the same as his curse: He's somehow managed to be like the rest of us, only infinitely more so.

Good grief. Talk about a slobbering love affair.

That must claim an award for the most fawning, sycophantic drivel every written about the man-child in the White House, and that covers a lot of territory.


Mike Florey said...

Well done, sir.

Kathy said...

A progressive is a progressive..yada...yada  The ideology doesn't make sense to me.

Finbar O'Shaunessey said...

Obama has essentially annouinced his withdrawal date: January 20, 2013. That is the date that the mountains of debt will begin to recede and our nation will begin to heal itself.