Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Media Can't Get Enough of the Scandal of the Century

That evil Rupert Murdoch obviously must pay for his role that has resulted in the deaths of over 150 law enforcements agents.
The phone hacking scandal that has claimed the jobs of Britain's two most high-profile police officers, caused the closure of one of the country's most famous newspapers, prompted 10 arrests so far and led to calls for the resignation of the Prime Minister reaches a critical juncture today with a moment of high drama to rival anything that the British media has produced before, either in real life or fiction.

The founder and the appointed heir to the world's most famous media empire will take centre stage in the next act of the hacking saga.

Rupert and James Murdoch will sit before a panel of MPs and face questions that the company over which they preside was involved in phone hacking on an "industrial scale", made illegal payments to police officers and sought to corrupt the democratic process by "owning" politicians. In their answers, for which they have been carefully drilled by a team of lawyers and media trainers, the pair will attempt to rescue a tarnished reputation and distance themselves from serious criminality.
Oh wait, I'm sorry. This scandal doesn't involve illegal gun-running by high-level officials. My bad, I got confused.

This one does, yet it gets a fraction of the media coverage.
Project Gunrunner, of which Operation Fast and Furious was a part, and now Operation Castaway, are without noble purpose. The cover story is that they were part of a plan to trick and track gunrunners. In fact, these schemes made it easy for criminals, drug cartels and gangs to acquire weapons.

The real purpose, we have stated and still suspect, was to advance the administration's push for gun control and the stripping of law-abiding Americans of their Second Amendment rights through "common sense" restrictions on private gun ownership by creating chaos and fomenting violence with the guns provided.
Don't get me wrong. The authorities in the UK should pursue this as best they can, although we suspect much of their alleged outrage involves a long-desired payback toward Murdoch. But he's a big boy, so let him defend himself, if he can.

What's indefensible is the actions of our own administration and their media enablers ignoring a scandal thousands of times worse.
The body count of Gunrunner, Fast and Furious, and Castaway includes Border Patrol agent Brian Terry, who was killed in December 2010 at the hands of an illegal immigrant working for the Sinaloa Cartel while patrolling an area near Tucson. In addition to Terry, Immigration Customs Enforcement Agent Jaime Zapata was also killed in a separate incident by a weapon allowed to "walk" into Mexico from the U.S.

Only 1,300 of the estimated 2,500 guns allowed to walk into Mexico have been recovered and roughly 150 Mexican law enforcement officers have been killed by weapons traced to Gunrunner. As the bodies pile up, the stench of cover-up grows very strong indeed.
Can you imagine a Republican authorizing such a stunt? Neither can I? So what are Obama and Holder hiding, and when do the televised Congressional hearings begin?


southernsue said...

i pray they go the top with this, gunn runner scandal.

i also pray for the people involved with revealing the truth about all of this and the people involved with this coming to justice.

the current administration is very dangerous towards whistleblowers and the ones trying to get to the bottom of this such as Isaa.

i pray for their saftey and pray that Isaa and his people go all the way to the top and take them all down.

http://sablegsd.myopenid.com/ said...

Illegal alien invader.  Not illegal immigrant.