Thursday, July 14, 2011

National Crisis: Obama Birthday Party Plans Could Be Delayed

This could be King Barack's ultimate sacrifice for the peasants. Temporarily delaying his birthday party. Granted, it's not until August 3.
August 2 is the date the US risks defaulting on its good faith and credit. August 4 is President Obama’s landmark 50th birthday.

And August 3 is on hold.

It is the night that the Obama 2012 campaign has planned a splashy fundraising celebration in the President’s hometown Chicago. The ballroom in the famous Allerton Hotel overlooking the city’s Michigan Avenue “Magnificent Mile” is booked for a concert and party.
How heartless can those Republicans be? Depriving Poor Barack from using his birthday to rake in campaign funds. So cruel.
But senior White House officials tell ABC News the party would go forward only if the deficit negotiations and deadline to raise the debt limit ceiling have been resolved.
Goodness knows we can have the crisis extend beyond that. That could soon bring us to the unthinkable: Obama having to delay his Martha's Vineyard vacation.


aquila6 said...

"Let me eat cake." --Barack Obama

mark l said...

the guy who doesn't know what a p/e ratio is, and believed there were fifty seven states is now being trotted out by the press as the guy who understands the debt negotiations.

i imagine that the consequence of 'imminent default' might put a crimp in both the president and first lady's travel schedule.  the optics of michelle traveling while  her hubby shuts down soc sec payments is worth the price of calling obama's 'bluff'.

they both want out of this presidency, badly. 

Scott said...

 This is my response. Happy Bday Barry

fiatlux said...

A couple of things.
First, DumBHO is always trying to presant himself as an "adult" among children yet he is, at best, an adolescent. "Come over and have a beer" after screwing up in Cambridge. Come over and play golf with me" when he apears the to have no clue about the budget. Every weekend we have to read about a vacation in process or plans for the next vacation. Now, he has to blame the Republicans for being party poopers.

Second, isn't a "hometown" associated with where you were born or, at least, grew up? I keep hearing that Chicago is the Obambooxler's "home town" but he didn't seem to appear there until he was well into his twenties. Maybe, it is his "adopted" hometown and certainly a recent place of residence. I remeber when he was first pawned off on us as a boy from Kansas becasue some of his mom's family once reside there. I guess it sounded good to Axelrod et al.

Tea Party at Perrysburg said...

I prefer to think of him as *The Prince.*