Thursday, July 28, 2011

Obama's America: A Rising Hunger Among Children

Well, hopefully those apple slices in Happy Meals will help these children suffering from malnutrition during this glorious Age of Obama.

Of course you know what this will call for: Another government program to combat hunger.
Doctors at a major Boston hospital report they are seeing more hungry and dangerously thin young children in the emergency room than at any time in more than a decade of surveying families.

Many families are unable to afford enough healthy food to feed their children, say the Boston Medical Center doctors. The resulting chronic hunger threatens to leave scores of infants and toddlers with lasting learning and developmental problems.

Before the economy soured in 2007, 12 percent of youngsters age 3 and under whose families were randomly surveyed in the hospital’s emergency department were significantly underweight. In 2010, that percentage jumped to 18 percent, and the tide does not appear to be abating, said Dr. Megan Sandel, an associate professor of pediatrics and public health at BMC.

“Food is costing more, and dollars don’t stretch as far,’’ Sandel said. “It’s hard to maintain a diet that is healthy.’’
Of course we shouldn't take the parents to task here. That would be judgmental.


Shambhala666 said...

And this occurs in Mass. one of the most Dem states there are? This is what the Dems want: a population that is a slave to the goverment coffers.

southernsue said...

when i was down south, i saw food pantrys everywhere.

this is free food.

i don't know if they have these pantrys everywhere, but the south has them.

GWHH said...

Obama & Michelle are at the apex of what liberals are and how they do things.  Do as I say NOT as I do!!  You know he eats all this junk food out and he eats mega sized amount sof it when he out siode of the white hosue and the wife sight.  But he keeps on getting thinner.  Does he have a tapeworm, and he 50?  Who cna eat that much and NOT get fatter at age 50!!

Rexterious Rexterious said...

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