Saturday, July 16, 2011

TOTUS Can't Be Bothered With National Team

It seems the great budget destroyer negotiator in chief has so much on his plate that he couldn't take a few moments out of his busy fund raising closed door temper tantrums to even acknowledge that our women's World Cup team will be competing this weekend for the title. The route to the final has been a script that not even Hollywood could imagine, mostly because they don't believe anything good comes from America.

This is the same president who when the men's team was competing in Africa vowed he would make the trip if they got to the semis. They didn't. He didn't. I don't know how he can ignore a team that a goalkeeper named Hope Solo, I mean wasn't he the guy who ran on a platform of hope? Maybe Sheila Jackson Lee can read between the lines. Wouldn't this at least be better optics for the First Burger Eater Lady? She wants to promote sort of get off your ass and move program. I would think this would be a good opportunity to promote such a venture. Unless maybe there is just a little jealousy creeping in there.

Here is what Hope Solo, the goalkeeper of the USA team had to say in the aftermath of their miraculous win over Brazil in the semi finals.
“To all our fans, both new and old, to our MLB, NFL and NBA fans, to our German fans, our Military fans and to all of America, Thank you for standing behind us. Never has a team come back to win from a man down, a goal down and in such dramatic fashion. Last night I had a moment as I sat waiting for the penalties. I felt the energy of the stadium, I witnessed how far the game has risen and I felt the spirit of our team as we fought together, unwilling to lose, our backs against the wall. Last night is a feeling you work your whole life for. To break free. To write your own destiny. And That's what WE, this 2011 USA team have set out to do, to write OUR OWN story. Go ahead, jump on the bandwagon and let's do this together. One Nation, One World, One Team.”

The World Cup is being played in Germany and for the most part most of the fans in the seats rooting for team USA have been the military stationed over there. Yeah, that same nasty bunch of neolithic cave dwellers that so many want to be brought home cause it seems to be the only item in the budget that they can find to cut. The Americans have been winning over fans from Europe as their teams have been eliminated and it is really sort of surreal to see folks from Germany, Norway, Italy and elsewhere rooting for the USA. The games are being shown to the troops stationed in Afghanistan and Iraq for those fortunate enough to be stationed somewhere with such amenities, which in light of hit pieces written lately about what a colossal waste of money it is to provide these men and women with things like tents and air conditioning is a minor miracle in itself.

Their opponent in the finals is Japan, which have their own story of overcoming a myriad of obstacles to get to the final off the field. You might have heard something about earthquakes, tsunamis, and nuclear fallout which beset their homeland, which for many people make them the sentimental favorite and if you read some of the commentary elsewhere, you will actually see people who advocate that the US throw the game. They normally end their comments with the phrase, "it would only be fair".

I have no doubt that should the girls close out the deal he will invite them to the White House and pose for numerous photos and the media lap dogs will make it seem as if he was calling in strategy to the coach during the whole tournament, like somebody else we know.
"Kim Jong-Su, the general secretary of the North Korean FA, has said the Dear Leader gave 'in-depth guidance' on how to develop the game in the country and the coach himself has claimed he received regular tactical advice during matches, apparently using mobile phones that are not visible to the naked eye."

The game is Sunday with coverage on ESPN beginning at 2:45 EST. Gee they couldn't even bother to put the game on one of the networks.


laZrtx said...

Barry is looking to cut funding to the US Womens Soccer Federation.

FrankG said...

Bill Clinton would've already invited them and hit on three of them

aquila6 said...

"<span>Gee they couldn't even bother to put the game on one of the networks."</span>

Well, good. Why should the networks, whose news divisions continue to spread the liberal lie, get to benefit from this?