Monday, July 18, 2011

So, How's That New 'Religion' Working Out For You?

Anybody that has even one functioning brain cell understands that Islam is cult of violence and blood. That is a message that was made clear to one of their recent converts down under.

The victim has moved out of his home but hopes what happens to him will not distort people's view of his adopted religion, the network said.

Didn't distort anything for me. I wonder if he was drunk when he decided to convert. I also hope he knows the price for unconverting is death.

Final thought. Anybody see a good Fosters beer commercial coming?

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Netwatcher said...

Some things refuse to evolve.  You know.  Things like the Muslim religion.

And, although I am not a proponent of religion, you don't see crap like this going on in the Christian religion.  Hell.  Recently the Pope conceded that intelligent design is not outside of the scope of God.