Thursday, July 28, 2011

AWOL Muslim Arrested: Suspect In Planned Terror Attack at Ft. Hood

Fox News broke a story earlier about a possible planned terrorist attack on Ft. Hood and in the early reporting they stated that three people were under arrest but were withholding the names. Well, the first name has come out and to nobody's surprise he is a Muslim, but he is also a soldier with a long track record in the public eye.

In addition to the CNN report above he also gave interviews to Al-Jazeera and anybody else wishing to listen to this pathetic loser's sob story.

Back in 2010, after serving for over an year, and upon his unit at Ft. Campbell receiving deployment orders to Afghanistan, he got in touch with his inner Muslim and decided to apply for Conscientious Objector status based upon Islam being such a peaceful religion and all. These sort of claims always crack me up, and in this guy's case even more so. You see, the guy is in the Infantry, which are the bomb dodgers, bullet catchers, baby makers and widow makers of the Army. This can be gleaned from the HLN video attached by the blue rope around his right soldier. Only Infantry soldiers are allowed to wear it.

I should know, I wore one for 22 years. I would have thought in a post-9/11 world with the US Military engaged in two active wars in Muslim countries that somewhere during his 15 weeks of training at Ft. Benning that he just might have got a clue that he could be called upon to fight in one of these wars.

Well, anyway, while his CO status case was going through the process he decided to go AWOL and apparently fled to the Ft. Hood area, where he found a sympathetic band of losers who operate a coffee shop just outside the main gate and assist AWOL soldiers in hiding out and provide legal assistance to them. Meanwhile, back at Ft. Campbell, investigators who were going through his computer found some kiddie porn, which of course is perfectly acceptable in the Muslim faith, seeing as their great leader was a pedophile himself.

We will have to see how this story plays out over the next hours and days, and keep in mind there are still two more soldiers who have been arrested in this alleged plot.

UPDATE: Reuters now reports that the FBI say he was arrested with bomb making material.
A missing U.S. Army soldier is expected to face federal charges on Thursday after he was arrested with "bomb-making material" in his hotel room near Fort Hood, Texas, a local FBI agent said.


southernsue said...

why do we let muslims in our military?

why do we let muslims live in our country?

round them all up and deport every single one of them.

so stupid to be over the middle east killing them, and then turning around and let them in our country and in our military and they in turn are trying to kill us.

ridiculous! get them out of our country, they do not assimilate, they are here to kill us.

Shambhala666 said...

But but ... right-wing terrorists ... Christian fundamentalists ... EPISCOPALIAN gun-toters!!!

Cynthia McKinney and Jackson-Lee told me so!