Wednesday, July 20, 2011

I Wonder If He Used a Teleprompter?

It appears someone in Orange County, NY decided to have a little fun and pretended to be Barack Obama leaving a recorded message for residents calling in to see if they have to serve jury duty. Now authorities have sprung into action to find the offending culprit.
A prank message featuring President Barack Obama's voice on a call-in line for prospective jurors is under investigation in upstate New York.

The Times Herald-Record of Middletown reports the sometimes offensive recording was compiled in pieces from Obama reading his memoir, "Memories from My Father." It replaced the usual recording telling callers if they should report for jury duty in Orange County.
Actually, it's "Dreams from My Father," but since is an AP report we can't always expect accuracy.
The sheriff's department is reviewing phone records, trying to determine who switched the message. It was apparently active from late on Friday, July 8, and through that weekend before officials found out and removed it.

Authorities say the prankster could face a misdemeanor charge of aggravated harassment.
Naturally, it's racist.
In the recording, the caller, purporting to be the president, rambles about drinking and drug use, and uses a racial epithet at one point.

James Rollins Sr., president of the Middletown chapter of the NAACP, said Thursday that he regards the message as racist and has alerted the regional and state offices of the NAACP. His chapter will watch closely to see how the county handles the incident, Rollins said.
Here's an excerpt via the previous link.
"... I discovered that it didn't make any difference if you smoked reefer in back of a white classmate's sparkling new van or in the bathroom with some brother you just met down at the gym or on the beach with some Hawaiian kids who have dropped out of school and now spend most of their time looking for any excuse to brawl."

"Help me understand what makes white people so afraid."

"Maybe we can afford to drop the bad-ass (N-word) pose."


roux said...

Will Obama be called on the carpet for using the N word?

fiatlux said...

"Dreams..." rather than "Memories.." is appropriate since the "auto-biography" is mostly fiction with composite characters substituting for actual people in many cases (as admitted by DumBHO himself.) It is sort of a unique tome in that it is not an "autobiography" in the sense of the subject having written it himself plus it is largely a work of fiction beginning with the opening (made up) scene. I will give $100 to first person who can identify the girl who was supposedly the love of his life (supposedly the granddaughter of a US senator and from a super weathy family) and catalyst for how he changed himself into a bro that was down with the struggle,

Granny Jan said...

Hand over the $100. It's (based on) Diane Oughton, Ayres' explosive chick. There's no evidence that Barky ever had a gal pal until Moochelle.

MrBuddwing said...

<span>Actually, it's "Dreams from My Father," but since is an AP report we can't always expect accuracy.</span>

Or complete sentences, for that matter. (I keed! I keed!)