Wednesday, July 13, 2011

It Must Be Racist: RNC Unveils New Obama 'Attack' Ad

Using Obama in how own words will be the most effective way at defeating him. Of course quoting him is racist or something. Obama's boot-licking media toadies who even acknowledge this spot will probably call it an attack ad. He won't have anything positive to offer in response, so expect his campaign spots to be nothing but scorched earth, how Republicans want to starve grandma and all that nonsense.

This ad is running in four states Obama won handily in 2008: Michigan, Wisconsin, New Hampshire and Pennsylvania. At his current rate of progress, he could well lose all four in 2012.

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David Jack Smith said...

Great ad.

Obama is goin' down 2012. Just like N'awlins.

Both exemplars of Democrat incompetence and base corruption.

Oh sure, he'll still get 90% of the black vote for no other reason than, well he's black. Care to argue that, because he sure hasn't done anything economically for African-Americans except raise black unemployment.

And the Nutroots will turn out, because, well they're radical raving loony lefties.

What he won't get it the tranche of middle white voters who were bamboozled enough to be guilt tripped into giving the African-American Gramcian a go.

Not this time brother. Landslide.