Friday, July 29, 2011

Scientist Warns Facebook and Twitter Are Creating Self-Obsessed People With Child-Like Need for Attention

Look at me!

On a day when the boob in the White House decided spamming Twitter was a good idea we see this rather timely story.
Facebook and Twitter have created a generation obsessed with themselves, who have short attention spans and a childlike desire for constant feedback on their lives, a top scientist believes.
Could you find a more clinical description of Obama than that?


Krow Dunn said...

Too Late, we already have 2 generations of this

Reaganite Republican said...

It's not 'creating' them as much as giving them a place to induldge themselves, rather than growing up as normal social interaction would encourage

FrankG said...

he lost 40,000 twit followers with his political spam.

Toejam said...

Facebook works for my 16-year old daughter.

It's simply heroin laced chewing gum for the minds of the pea-brained idiots. Unfortunately, that applies to about 80% of the public.

I wouldn't go near facebook with a can of spam.

All I need to do is comment on blogs and hopefully, piss people off.

David said...

Actually you are wrong, I would say that about 90% of the US are clinically brain dead.