Thursday, July 21, 2011

How To Fire A Teacher In 20 Easy Steps

Well actually this list doesn't fire them either, it is just the steps a local school district must take but it leaves off at the appeal to the state board of education. Bear in the mind that throughout the entire process the taxpayers are still on the hook to pay not only the teachers' salary but the salary of the replacement teacher along with all the fees associated with the teachers' defense. Regardless of the outcome of the case some of these teachers will still be allowed to keep their pensions.

This has become a hot issue for the city of Atlanta in the wake of the largest teacher cheating scandal far. There is no teacher union in Georgia in the strictest definition of the word but there is a powerful association and in light of statements made by some of their representatives it is pretty clear that they are going pursue every step on the list, not out of any sense of duty to the teacher or to protect someone who may be wrongly accused. Their purpose here is to place as big a financial burden on the city and it's taxpayers as possible as some sort of perverse revenge for outing them.

This is only going to get messier and is meant to be a shot across the bow to any others who decide to investigate teachers in their areas. It is only further deteriorating the opinion of teachers and the education system within the community and the anger is only going to get worse the more this drags on.


Rambling Rants said...

here's my question...isn't it against the law to alter a government document?  Aren't these test adminstered by the government, which would make them government documents?  If so, why aren't these teachers being prosecuted?

southernsue said...

ditto rambling rants.

they must go.

however, they are all black and you and i know they have jobs for life. it doesn't matter if they do their jobs or not.

we have at least two lost generations. the kids don't know the basics to get a simple job, however, they do know music drugs sex pregnancy etc etc.