Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Venezuela Foreign Minister Now Mouthing Democrat Talking Points

You suppose this clown is sitting in on conference calls with Chuckie Schumer and Dingy Harry?
Venezuela's foreign minister is criticizing U.S. conservatives for what he calls "extremist" stances against President Hugo Chavez's government.

Foreign Minister Nicolas Maduro condemned what he called actions by the "far right" in Washington.

He says conservatives have swept up Congress and the U.S. government in an "absurd, extremist policy against Latin America and against our homeland."
Such vitriol sounds oh so familiar.

Maduro was whining about money, of course.
The House Foreign Affairs Committee last week backed an amendment to slash the $48.5 million that the U.S. provides for the Organization of American States. Florida Republican Connie Mack said the measure was aimed at an organization that he feels backs Chavez.

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