Monday, July 18, 2011

Heh: Tiger Woods Bimbo Threatens to Sure Parasite Gloria Allred

Hard to believe someone would feel used by a leech like Gloria Allred.
Celebrity lawyer Gloria Allred says former client Rachel Uchitel has no case against her.

Tiger Woods' ex-mistress is reportedly threatening to sue Allred over millions of dollars she got from - and then returned to - the golfer.

TMZ reports that Uchitel thinks she got bad advice from Allred and has hired a second lawyer to prepare a malpractice case.

But Allred said she "was not involved in any way in the allegations" in the TMZ story.

Uchitel reportedly got $10 million in hush money when the Woods' sex scandal exploded.

Unnamed sources told TMZ that Woods' lawyer contacted Allred months ago to say Uchitel had violated a confidentiality clause by speaking to the media and going on VH1's "Celebrity Rehab" for her love-addiction.

Uchitel then returned the "lion's share" of the money she got from the scandalous golfer, TMZ reported.

But Allred got to keep her fees in the give-back deal and now Uchitel feels like she was sold out, TMZ said.
This Uchitel isn't quite the brightest bulb, is she? Allred, naturally, takes the low road.
In a statement, Allred said she hasn't spoken to Woods' lawyer in more than a year and she threatened legal action against "anyone who defames me."
Is calling her a leech and a parasite defamation?


DANEgerus said...

Gloria Allred is a leech and a parasite, and also a Democrat, but i repeat myself.

FrankG said...

"hatchet-faced scrunt" out of bounds?