Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Fairly Unbalanced: BBC Moves to Silence 'Climate Change Skeptics'

As if ignoring so-called skeptics all these years hasn't done the trick. Now the climate change warm-mongers and propagandists are making official government policy to try and ignore those interested in exposing the climate frauds.

What are they so afraid of?
Opponents of global warming should be given less coverage by the BBC than the climate change lobby, the corporation will rule.

The BBC is set to publish a report tomorrow on its science output announcing changes to rules on impartiality.

Following the overhaul, programme makers and broadcasters will be compelled to give less prominence to those who oppose the scientific community's majority view.

According to the Daily Telegraph, the report draws heavily on an independent review of BBC coverage by Steve Jones, a professor of genetics at University College London.

Professor Jones is understood to have cleared the BBC of any suggestion of bias in its programming.
Oh, so a genetics professor is now a media expert?
But the main conclusion made is that in cases where there is a widely held scientific view, such as on GM crops or the MMR injection, the BBC shouldn't give airtime to critics of the scientific consensus.
That's right. Just shut out the opinion of others and you can all believe your own bullshit.



Rob Crawford said...

I bet their "widely-held consensus" on GM foods isn't that they're safe.

FrankG said...

can't have informed and fact-based opposing views available to the public, hmmmm?

Forrest Sergente said...

The "Ministry of Truth" has spoken!

K said...

Britain won't be moving towards freedom instead of fascism until the BBC is privatized.

Stephen said...

Shut up, they explained!

Donald Meaker said...

The Navier Stokes equations describe airflow with changes in temperature and density. They are highly non-linear, and result in chaotic behavior. There is sensitive dependence on initial conditions. That means that your error in your measurement of initial conditions increases over time until you have no ability to predict. The error doubling time for weather is about 3 days. Anthropometric Global warming, to be accurate, would have to have accurate predictions for 50 to 100 years.

Now add in that the largest effect on weather or climate comes from the Sun. the Sun is much much larger than the earth, and small changes in the Sun swamp large changes in the Earth. The Sun is also described by nonlinear differential equations, where prediction is not possible long term.

Global warming is bunk

Lee Reynolds said...

The left is primarily composed of evil individuals who use lies and deception as the main tools for achieving their goals.  Those goals could best be summed up as a world reduced to ruin with them at the top.  They want to create hell on earth and rule it.  Why?  Because they are evil.  Simplistic I know, but that is the only explanation that fits.  They never change, they never stop, they never learn.  They keep right on working to make things worse.  Evil isn't a social construct.  It is a real and concrete phenomenon and it lives within their hearts and minds (though not exclusively).  I wish I could pretend to believe otherwise.  I wish I could say that they are merely misguided or mistaken or foolish, but I'm way too old for such wishful thinking.  There are useful idiots among them that those statements do apply to, but they are not the ones running the show over there.

AGW is Marxism through other means.  No longer able to justify the enslavement of the peoples of the world through economic arguments, they have found a new set of lies to tell.  When these wear out they will find others, and they will never stop.

But we can fight them.  We can beat them.  We do this by paying the price of freedom: eternal vigilance.

Bobby said...

Cool.  Over here in the USA, pointing out (and proving) that the BBC has imposed content-specific restrictions and bannings concerning a topic of global concern - a topic that is raging, not just through Australia, but all over the world, including throughout the USA - well, such proof should be sufficient support for the position that BBC can no longer be provided to USA networks via our taxpayor-funded public television system.

BBC, just like the majority of far-left liberal partisan media systems world-wide, has given up trying to argue that its copywriters and reporters are not almost completely far-laft liberals - simply too much information is out there concerning most such individuals to try to say otherwise with a straight face - but they do argue instead that their people are professionals and that they always put those personnel beliefs out of their heads when doing reporters' work. Their reporting, says the BBC, has always been non-partisan and fair.  And balanced.

This is excellent rebuttal evidence to that assertion. They've corporately taken sides. In fact, they've taken the dumb, antiscience side. Now maybe we can get The Car Guys back on our local Public Television channel.

JWnTX said...

The scientists will have be dragged, kicking and screaming, back to reality.  The press?  They're so invested in this fraud that they'll NEVER admit it.  As long as they can cite 1 person who sells them global warming crap, they'll continue contending the rest of the world is wrong and they are right.  BTW--since when was it the job of the press to decide what science is legitimate and which is not?