Sunday, July 17, 2011

Surprise! Obama's Stimulus Extended Corporate Jet Tax Break

Funny how Obama endlessly plays the class warfare card with his whining about tax breaks for corporate jet owners. Guess he has no idea his own stimulus in 2009 extended those same tax breaks.

Below is the research memo I received, but let me highlight these points:

* The tax depreciation break was first passed in 1987 (during President Reagan’s presidency.)

* The tax break was EXTENDED a few times — most recently in the President’s 2009 stimulus bill ( which was passed by the DEMOCRATIC House and Senate and signed by the President. And I don’t know if any Republicans voted for the 2009 stimulus bill but I do know that almost all were opposed – if not all.) (By the way, Congressman Van Hollen told me on ON THE RECORD at 10pm that he did NOT vote for this tax depreciation for corporate jets but he did by voting for the 2009 stimulus bill…so he was mistaken.)

So…asssuming the research below is correct, either President Obama’s memory is failing him or his assistants are feeding him the wrong information or he is playing politics.
Obama playing politics? Whodathunkit?

For the record, no Republicans voted for the stimulus. So Democrats alone extended the corporate jet tax break.

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Liberty said...

"So Democrats alone extended the corporate jet tax break."

So, they own it.


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