Thursday, July 14, 2011

Oops: Reuters Columnist Botches Murdoch Hit Piece

What's this clown doing, using Media Matters talking points?
Perhaps the excuse of ‘it was my first day’ wouldn’t cut the mustard so well for this unfortunate writer.

David Cay Johnston was forced to retract his first-ever column for Reuters, but his huge mistake on a tax story was made more odd by the fact he already has a Pulitzer Prize for financial reporting.

Mr Johnston has admitted his piece for the top news agency - in which he claimed Rupert Mudoch’s News Corp got a $4.8billion tax refund for the past four years - was ‘100 per cent dead wrong’.
At least he's man enough to apologize. The rest of the media should take note.


Scott said...

:-$  But the poor victimized Libtards will say--"But the narative was correct".  Lying is always permitted in Obamaland.

FrankG said...

Japan had a method for the needed kind of apology: Seppuku. He'll wait a week and say: "I was inaccurate but true"