Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Humiliation: U.S. Viewed Less Favorably in Arab World, Obama Less Popular Than Ahmadinejad

Remember how George W. Bush was such an embarrassment to America and how the world was going to love us again once The One was president?

Yeah, about that...
The United States is viewed less favorably in much of the Arab world today than it was during the final year of the Bush administration, and President Obama is less popular in the region that Iranian president Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, according to a poll released today (WED) by the Arab American Institute, a nonpartisan research and advocacy group.

Attitudes towards the US president and the United States as a whole have been growing increasingly negative over the past ten years due to the invasion of Iraq, outrage over Guantanamo Bay, and continued frustration over the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, said James Zogby, president of the Arab American Institute, which has been tracking attitudes for a decade.

But the current poll is striking in that is illustrates how far Obama’s favorability has fallen in the region, after an initial optimistic spike when he took office.

“It’s because expectations were created that were not met,” Zogby said.
Gee, you think? Check out the big brain on James Zogby!

You know what this calls for, right? Another speech!

So much for The Summer of Obama.

Remember that "Arab Spring" Obama was so eager to take credit for? Good time, good times.
In 2008, the final year of the Bush administration, only nine percent of Egyptians had a favorable attitude towards the United States. A year later, after Obama took office, that number jumped to 30 percent. But now it has plummeted to just five percent of Egyptians who view the United States favorably.

Similar figures in Morocco, Jordan and the United Arab Emirates show that the United States is viewed less favorably now than the final year of the Bush administration.
So who does Obama blame? Why, Israel, of course.
Zogby said he spoke briefly with Obama a month ago about the poll and that the president said he expected the numbers to be low, given the impasse on the Israeli-Palestinian problem.
Has aObama ever accepted responsibility for anything? How on earth does he justify blaming his ineptitude on the Israeli-Palestinian situation?

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