Thursday, July 21, 2011

Slow on the Draw: Al Qaeda Magazine Now Goofing on Anthony Weiner

Geez, most of America has forgotten about this tool Weiner already. I guess it takes these guys so much time to get their special "magazine" together that jokes quickly grow stale. Probably a lot of workplace accidents or something like that.
Even terrorists are making Weiner jokes.

In Al Qaeda's latest edition of its chilling e-magazine, "Inspire," the terror network's Arabian Peninsula syndicate settles a score with former Queens Rep. Anthony Weiner, gloating about the sexter's salacious downfall.

A faux full-page ad in the summer issue bears a photo of a feisty Weiner speaking before the House of Representatives under the banner, "An angry Weiner head."

It goes on to quote Weiner in one of his early, deceitful explanations about how a picture of his crotch was sent to a Seattle college student.

"This was a prank to make fun of my name!" a readout next to the photo blares.

Except it wasn't a prank.

Weiner was ultimately forced to 'fess up to texting sexy pics to several women, including one nude shot apparently taken in the House gym.

Amid the mushrooming scandal, Weiner reigned his House seat and set off for counseling in hopes of saving his one-year marriage to his pregnant wife, the stunning Huma Abedin, an aide to Secretary of State Clinton.

The fake ad in the Al Qaeda mag was "brought to you by a Cold Diss."
It could actually be one of his former constituents putting this e-zine together.
The magazine's suspected publisher, former Queens resident Samir Khan, 25, apparently didn't forget what Weiner said about his boss.

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