Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Petulant Man-Child Storms Out of Debt Meetings

Gee, it sounds as if Lil' Bammy isn't getting his way. First we learn he's too delicate to take questions and now, like a spoiled baby, he storms out of meetings.
President Barack Obama abruptly left today's negotiating session to raise the debt ceiling and lower the deficit, House Majority Leader Eric Cantor told reporters after the meeting.

Cantor said Obama walked-out "angrily" after he offered to support two separate debt ceiling votes — a proposal Obama had repeatedly said he would veto.

According to Cantor, all progress in the debt talks has been erased.
Probably had a party to get to.

Gee, I though he was the adult in the room?


Shawarma said...

It would be great to photoshop on this picture a spoon with peas and say "Cry baby Obamby won't eat his peas"

Rose said...

The brat is trying to get his revenge.

It isn't enough for him to know his table is loaded with all the kobe beef, lobsters, hamburgers and fries, and $450 bottle wine he wants on his 45 weeks of vacations every year, on air force one and the beast, while others are losing jobs, homes, vehicles, businesses, etc etc etc - while HE tells THEM to "eat their peas"...

He needs to show the world what a snot-nosed petulent little pompous dictator he is.

FrankG said...

whiney little bitch

Fenway_Nation said... that Charles Foster Johnson's cryptic avatar accompanying the post?