Friday, July 29, 2011

Liberalism Explained

The science is settled.
THE human brain creates its own version of reality, and the world we see around us is mostly make-believe, according to a top British scientist.

Professor Bruce Hood will explore the limits of the human mind in a series of prestigious lectures for the Royal Institution of Great Britain, the oldest independent research body in the world, it was announced yesterday.

The psychologist plans to induce false memories in audience members and use pickpockets to demonstrate how easily people are distracted, in a bid to prove how we have less control over our own decisions and perceptions than we like to imagine.

"A lot of the world is make-believe. We're only aware of a fraction of what's going on," Hood told The (London) Times. "We have this impression of an expansive panorama in front of our eyes, but all we are ever seeing is an area the size of our thumbs at an arm's distance. The rest is filled in, as the brain creates a stable environment."
This is what makes people believe they can save the planet.


Shambhala666 said...

and use pickpockets to demonstrate how easily people are distracted

Democrats, I presume?

MOTUS said...

This is also what makes people see the Emperor & Empress’s beautiful New Clothes!

Wait, that’s my job. =-O :-D

southernsue said...

yeah, and the real reason is they only see me myself and i.