Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Pathetic: DCCC Fundraising Off Obama Speech

If you had any doubt the Democrats have been politicizing the debt crisis, realize it took little more than an hour after John Boehner's rebuttal to Obama for DCCC Chairman Steve Israel to send out a fundraising solicitation.

Just pathetic.
President Obama is right: We cannot allow Republicans’ political game-playing to jeopardize the full faith and credit of America’s economy.
So Republicans are playing political games? Um, so why haven't I received any fundraising please from them?
Today, Speaker Boehner was caught groveling to Rush Limbaugh in private, asking for permission to try his latest political scheme before even telling his own Republican caucus about it.
Um, if Boehner was groveling in private, how do they know this?
The fact is, right-wing special interests, radio hosts, and Tea Party extremists have taken over the Republican Party. And these radical Republicans are just days away from plunging our economy off a cliff in order to slash Social Security and Medicare while protecting tax breaks for billionaires and big oil.
Amazingly, they left corporate jets out of this screed. Still the same old playbook, however. Radicals, extremists, billionaires, blah blah blah.

It just never ends.
Now, with our entire economy at stake, it’s critical that we stand strong and united against Republicans’ all-out assault on the middle class.
Seems to me the GOP is trying to spare what's left of the middle class from any further Obama disasters.

Here's the link. They apparently need a rapid response fund since they get such little favorable press and Obama is powerless to get his message out.

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