Thursday, October 27, 2011

After Weeks of Anti-Semitic Bilge, OWS Occupiers Realize They've Got a Problem

Nothing like a little sunshine on the outrageous anti-Semitism to get these people to take action.
Fox 5 came to Zuccotti Park on Wednesday to cover another story about the Occupy Wall Street protestors but instead we saw something disturbing at the entrance to the park: Two men carrying signs on the sidewalk that borders the park were cursing and chanting anti-Semitic remarks.

Some security and community affairs members with Occupy Wall Street quickly intervened and told the men they were not welcome.

"Your message of hate is not welcome here," protesters said.

This is not the first time we have seen messages of hate, including anti-Semitic signs and slogans, both in and around Zuccotti Park.

A community affairs representative for OWS acknowledged that the protest and the media attention are attracting people like that, but that they will not tolerate anti-Semitic comments and hate.
Sure. No hate down there. Can't you just see all the smiling faces?

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