Friday, October 21, 2011

Oakland Mayor to 'Occupiers': Get Out

Quite obvious they're fed up with the violence and filth. What we see here are baby steps. Maybe next that big baby Bloomberg will get a clue and return Lower Manhattan to normalcy.
"We believe that after 10 days, the City can no longer uphold public health and safety," the notice said. "In recent days, camp conditions and occupants' behavior have significantly deteriorated, and it is no longer manageable to maintain a public health and safety plan."

The document cited fire hazards, sanitation issues, a growing rat problem and graffiti. It referred to an "increasing frequency of violence, assaults, threats and intimidation" and complained that protesters had denied access to "emergency personnel to treat injured persons and to police to patrol the Plaza."

"As a result of these serious conditions, the Administration has determined that facilitating this expression of speech is no longer viable, nor in the interest of public health and safety," the order said. "Peaceful daytime assembly will continue to be allowed between 6 a.m. and 10 p.m. daily. No tents or overnight camping permitted."
The mutants are still dreaming big.
He said, "The eviction is just a small thing in the bigger struggle. I don't think the struggle is going to dissipate in the near future at all. You have 400 to 500 people who have lived with each other for a week and dreamed to live in another world."
Good. Go find another world. Chances are it won't be as accommodating as the one you're currently living in.


fiatlux said...

Downtown Oakland? Wall Street it is not!

The area near the plaza and city hall empties out at night and one of the major industries is medicinal marijuana.The typical night time crowd comes in two varieties. There's "down" and there's "out."

Hundreds of millions of government dollars have been pumped into the area and while there is a huge state building and federal court house, professionals largely flee once it is dark

The police chief resigned this week and the mayor is redder than Ron Dellums and the city is flat broke. The professional grievance mongers led by the local teachers union moved in for a while but soon were overtaken by the professional grifters and street criminals. It is still warm out so there are plenty of run-aways to fill out the ranks.

The Chinese community - Chinatown is a few blocks away - and the few merchants in surrounding neighborhoods that have survived the last couple years are not happy. With little tax base to fleece and the 99ers scaring sane people away from coming within a couple miles of pooptown, the occupation will end badly.

weather outlook - warm and no rain - a decision to bust heads is only a few hours away and there is a violent segment of the occupier crowd

drfredc said...

Where do you rent a good rain dance when you need it?