Monday, October 24, 2011

OWS: 'The Movement Has a Serious Jewish Problem'

It very curious how the media has tried to paint the Tea Party with the bread brush of racism when there's not a single example of any after nearly three years. Yet barely a month into this farce called Occupy Wall Street we've seen countless examples of the ugliest anti-Semitism yet the same media completely ignores it. There's a reason why a mere 37% of the public supports these nutcakes, and it's likely that number would be far lower if the media did their job.

At least some aren't ignoring it.
Pete Sutherland traveled to Zuccotti Park all the way from Georgia Friday, shivering as he wielded a handmade sign that read, “The Reason the Arabs Hate Us.”

“Jews are the smartest people in the world,” said Sutherland, 79. Not in a good way.

“They control the media.”

But no one tells the truth about the Hebrew people, as he sees it, because “the media doesn’t want to commit suicide by losing the Jewish advertisers.’’

“I’m not anti-Semitic,” he finished.

He’s not alone.

From the teacher who vowed to run “Zionists Jews who run these big banks” out of the country to the dude who mocked and danced in the face of a yarmulke-topped “bum,” Occupy Wall Street must no longer deny it.

The movement has a serious Jewish problem.

But organizers are desperate to maintain that acts of bigotry are isolated, carried out by a small cadre of hoodlums who don’t represent the movement. Some have even suggested vocal Jew-haters are “plants” sent by folks who want to take Occupy down.

Sound familiar? Germans dismissed prewar Nazis as a harmless bunch of clowns, too.

Perhaps Sutherland, a self-described “international businessman,” was emboldened by the guy who this month threatened an older, yarmulke-wearing gentleman. “You’re a bum!”

“You can’t even speak English. Go back to Israel!”

Or, maybe he appreciated the message of Los Angeles Unified School District substitute teacher Patricia McAllister. She told Reason TV, with the urgency of a gal suffering from a gaping head wound:

“The Zionist Jews who are running these big banks and our Federal Reserve -- which is not run by the federal government -- they need to be run out of this country!”

She told Fox TV, “Jews have been run out of 109 countries throughout history, and we need to run them out of this one.” She was fired last week. Hooray?

Sutherland got props from a Queens woman who walked by the park with her 10-year-old son, expressing fear that her three kids, not Jews, didn’t have a prayer for the future. “I’m sorry,” she said. “I actually agree.”

The ugliness on the march is going viral. This month, a man trolled Zuccotti hoisting a sign that read, “Hitler’s Bankers.” He shouted, “Jews control Wall Street!”

“Free speech! Free speech!” he yelled as someone feebly asked him to stop. “This isn’t Israel!”

Another man has been seen frequently with a sign urging fellow protesters to “Google Wall Street Jews. Jewish Billionaires. Jews and the Fed. Reserve Bank.”

So it’s no surprise the American Nazi Party broke its rule against standing beside Communists. It urged members of the “pro-white” movement to join Occupy Wall Streeters’ fight against the common enemy: “Judeo-capitalist bankster.”
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If the media discovered comparable scenes of racism at tea parties (and liberal tried astroturfing incidents for them, to little avail) and were told it was just a small minority, would that deter them from broadcasting the images daily? Of course not. The slightest whiff of perceived racism would be used to tarnish the entire movement and Republicans would be forced to distance themselves from the movement.

Instead now we have the full weight of the Democratic Party behind this ugliness and they're not even asked about it.

The media long ago forfeited any pretense of objectivity. Now they're on the side of the anti-Semites.

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rich b said...

I would swear some of the crap I have read being said by the OWS people is being written and spoken by the KKK. In another time and place the things these nitwits are saying in these "protests" could also be mistaken for Nazi rhetoric.

Instead of the ridiculous analogies by the fools in Hollywood, this time the Nazi comparison applies.