Thursday, October 27, 2011

Gingrich on OWS: 'I Sympathize With Their Anger'

As we've seen during the GOP debates, Newt Gingrich surely knows how to get right to the point.
Newt Gingrich spoke at an education forum in midtown Manhattan this evening hosted by the College Board, and naturally the conversation-turned to Occupy Wall Street, the now weeks long demonstrations in Lower Manhattan.

The former House Speaker had a suggestion for where the protests should go next:

If the Occupy Wall Street people really wanted to help children, they would have an Occupy Teacher’s Union Headquarters Movement, because that is a major cause of income inequality in America,” he told moderators Joel Klein, the former chancellor of the New York City school system and Paul Gigot of The Wall Street Journal.

The event was sponsored by the College Board and News Corporation.

Mr. Gingrich also suggested that if the protesters really want to see how “The 1 Percent” live, they should head to Harvard and Yale, which still charge students despite possessing enormous endowments.

“Somebody who has $36 billion in their endowment has to have an amazing level of chutzpah to then charge people to come as undergraduates. They just have to take a tiny share of the interest on their endowment to give away the undergraduate education for free. If the Occupy Wall Street people want to see what the upper 1% looks like, go look at a place that has $36 billion and still charges thousands of dollars to undergraduates,” he said.
As to being sympathetic to them, Gingrich may want to tread very carefully. It's one thing to rail against the Bernankes of the world, quite another to embrace a discredited, socialistic, anti-Semitic movement now the face of Occupy Wall Street.
“I am very sympathetic at their anger,” he said. “I share their frustration at a system in which the government has colluded with the big boys to take care of each other. I focus more on Ben Bernake at the Federal Reserve and with Geithner at Treasury and with Dodd and Frank in Congress, but I sympathize with their anger.”

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Rose said...

Hey NEWT! I sympathize with their anger, too! I remember how I felt watching you laugh at Sean Hannity for 45 minutes as you contendedly laughed about the PRAGMATIC STANCE towards SHAMNESTY you were trying to promote by siding with Alan Colmes.  I remember how I felt when I heard about your commercial for GLOBAL WARMING POLICY you filmed with NANCY PELOSI, and on and on and on, I have a long list of your RINO support for DIM Marxist programs.  And I ain't forgetting any of it.