Friday, October 21, 2011

'I Am An Occupier, I Am a Drummer, and, Despite What They Say, I Am Also a Human Being'

The clown show at Zuccotti Park continues to unravel. I need to go get some more popcorn. They're fighting over drums, for crying out loud.
Last night's General Assembly meeting in Zuccotti Park was "one of most contentious ever," in large part due to a heated debate over whether the drummers at Occupy Wall Street should be given $8,000 from the movement's coffers to buy more drums and equipment. It seems some of the drums were stolen or vandalized, and the drummers asked the General Assembly to help them regroup. "We have worked for you! Appreciate us," one drummer told the crowd, but the appeal was denied, and the Huff Post's Craig Kanalley tweeted, "Drummer who didn't get money from GA tonight now yelling, cursing at members of GA." Meanwhile, another member of the drum corps was lashing out at the Community Board meeting.

"I am an occupier, I am a drummer, and, despite what they say, I am also a human being," Ashley Love, a young member of the OWS People of Color Working Group, told the packed Community Board meeting last night. Mother Jones reports that Love was met with booing when she informed the locals, "It's primarily a commercial area; not too many people live there. The majority of the drummers are people of color with low-income or no-income backgrounds, and Wall Street was built by slaves when they brought the Africans over here. The council people back then prohibited drumming because it was a way of protesting. It was a way of communication. And I just think you guys are scapegoating us."
Slaves built Wall Street? Really? I thought it was the Irish. Whatever.

Meanwhile, celebrity moron Russell Simmons showed up and peeled off a few twenties for the huddled masses. He's one of them.
As luck would have it, Russell Simmons was down at Zuccotti park handing out cash this afternoon. Jonathan Vergara, a music producer, tells us, "He gave one girl who said it was her birthday twenty dollars. She showed her ID and everything. I saw inside his wallet he had 300 dollars cash in there!" Explaining his affinity for the Occupy Wall Street protesters, Simmons tells the Speakeasy, "I’m part of the 100%. If those people suffer, I suffer with them."
He then hopped in his limo and sipped some Cristal. His suffering is their suffering.


Anonymous said...

OWS Drummers: We are the 99% of the 99%!!

Anonymous said...

So there's 1% of the 99% in charge of OWS

el polacko said...

whoah ! wait a minute....the people who want to abolish money have 8 thousand dollars stashed away that they want to use to buy drums ?!? have i entered bizzaroland ?

btw folks, 're-tweeting' is not 'commenting'. this site ought to differentiate between them.