Friday, October 21, 2011

Aw: It's 'Family Sleepover' Night at Zuccotti Park

Nothing like a Friday night of indoctrination for the little crumb-crunches as they freeze their asses off in 45-degree weather. Fond memories the kids will surely cherish.
"Daddy, remember that time we listened to incessant drumming while surrounded by drug addicts? And that awful smell? Then I got pneumonia because you had me out there as a prop in near-freezing weather? And then that crazy man took a dump on our tent? That was such a good time, daddy"
If New York City had any leadership they'd make sure child protective services are out there for this stunt. It's bordering very close to child abuse.
The parent founded and run group, “Parents for Occupy Wall Street,” will be hosting a Family Sleepover, from 4 PM, Friday, October 21st until 11 AM the following Saturday morning—a second try after being forced to cancel their planned sleepover last weekend because of a threatened eviction. With the Family Sleepover rescheduled for this weekend, parents and families in the greater New York City area are excited to demonstrate their support for this growing movement creating real change for our children’s futures.

Occupy Wall Street is a place for everyone, including families. At the Family Sleepover, families and children will find arts and crafts, a children’s music sing along, a pizza party, and a bed time story. With the help of various teacher and parent groups, such as the “School for the 99%,” and the Occupy Wall Street Outreach team, the Family Sleepover will have a sectioned off Child and Family Only area at Liberty Plaza.

Safety is the first measure on everyone’s mind. Security and strict involvement rules will be taken at the event including a check in and check out system with parent’s ID with a Parents for Occupy Wall Street security person and an hourly headcount. All parents will be required to wear an identifying T-shirt while working shifts around the hour. The police are already aware of the group and will be checked in with hourly on the group’s size and location.

The group’s goal is to raise awareness of the diversity of people supporting the movement. In the press, there is an assumption that the only people supporting the movement are solely homeless or unemployed when that couldn’t be further from the truth. With even a short visit to Liberty Plaza, you will see all walks of life supporting the movement, including middle class working families.

With the Family Sleepover, Parents for Occupy Wall Street are Occupying to speak up for the ones without a voice and make real change, change for their children’s futures.
Diversity, huh? Show me some diversity of thought instead of the mindless slogans and Marxist drivel.

If these morons had the slightest concern for the future of the kids they'd be down protesting in front of the White House.

Can't wait until some of the miscreants create a scene down there tonight and then run to hide behind the children.

Meanwhile, here's one mother who won't be bringing the kids.
A married mother of four from Florida ditched her family to become part of the raggedy mob in Zuccotti Park -- keeping the park clean by day and keeping herself warm at night with the help of a young waiter from Brooklyn.

“I’m not planning on going home,” an unapologetic Stacey Hessler, 38, told The Post yesterday.

“I have no idea what the future holds, but I’m here indefinitely. Forever,” said Hessler, whose home in DeLand sits 911 miles from the tarp she’s been sleeping under.
Hopefully her husband has already filed for divorce. When the party's over, and it will be any day now, she'll be desperate for some nice Florida weather.
The unemployed Long Island native compared her decision to abandon her family to Americans serving in the armed forces.

“Military people leave their families all the time, so why should I feel bad?” a defiant Hessler said. “I’m fighting for a better world.”
What a selfish bitch.


LibertyAtStake said...

Next week ... OWS Conjugal Visit Night!

“Because the Only Good Progressive is a Failed Progressive”

stevewhitemd1 said...

Do the homes surrounding the park have outdoor faucets?

Do the homeowners have about 200 feet of 3/4" garden hose? And a friend who can stand beside them with a baseball bat (in sympathy with the fall playoff season, of course, that's all) whilst they hose down the park?

This is a problem that can be solved by community action. All it takes is a community organizer with some sense.

MOTUS said...

They're lucky they're not in Toronto! >:o

TBogg said...

“I’m fighting for a better world.”

What a selfish bitch.

That about says it all.

Well played.

jammiewearingfool said...

Hey, it's TBagg. Been hiding under your rock for awhile.

Gnus said...

D-d-d-daddy, I want to g-g-g-go home and g-g-g-get in the hot t-t-t-tub.

bandit said...

I have no idea what the future holds, but I’m here indefinitely

Think about living in a cardboard box and eating out of a dumpster

LibertyAtStake said...

You left out: 'Remember the pigeons crapping on our heads, Daddy?'

(You just know that's happened at OccupySomeDamnWhere)


"Because the Only Good Progressive is a Failed Progressive"