Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Scenes From Zuccotti Park: 'We're Gonna Kill You!'

I hope they're chronicling all this good material for the long-anticipated book. This chapter should be near the end, right before the part where police shut the carnival down and sanity re-occupied Zuccotti Park.
Three men are wanted for threatening to kill a 24-year-old Occupy Wall Street protester because she was pressing charges over an assault at the group's Zuccotti Park encampment.

The young protester was roughed up at the Downtown sit-in by a man named Garfield Leslie, 19, police said Tuesday.

Leslie offered to sell the woman drugs, and when she declined that offer and his romantic advances, he punched her in the face and dished out more blows to two friends who had come to her defense, police said.

The woman filed a complaint with police, and Leslie was arrested at Zuccotti Park about 8 p.m. on Saturday.

Then, on Monday, the trio of young toughs paid the woman a visit at the park, threatening her with retribution.

"You got our friend arrested. We're gonna kill you! Watch you back!" they warned her, police said.
Watch you back? Boy, I hope that's a typo. Otherwise Reverend Sharpton will be paying a visit.
Police on Tuesday released grainy surveillance camera images of the three punks.

All were described by police as being black, roughly 18 to 20 years-old and 5-foot-9 or shorter. One had black hair and a beard; another had dreadlocks with red streaks in them; and the third wore a white shirt with the words "Stone Harbor" printed on the front.

Leslie, of Brooklyn, was charged with assault and harassment, police said.

The assault and the watch-your-back threat were far from the first signs of criminal troubles within the Occupy Wall Street ranks.
Yes, despite daily crime reports, this "movement" somehow soldiers on.

It would be nice if we had a mayor in New York who had a clue.
Police have made a total of 966 protest-related arrests since the movement started in September.
Just like the Tea Party.

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bandit said...

Elizabeth Warren is the ideological founder of beating women and then trying to intimidate witnesses.