Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Aw: Smelly Hipsters Find Love at OWS

I'll avoid posting a photo of these two since some may be eating. The story reads like it's straight out of The Onion.
Occupy Wall Street protester Kaylee Dedrick is still furious over getting pepper-sprayed by a cop - but the blinding sting wasn't all bad.

It sparked a romance with a fellow protester who came to her aid.

After pepper-spray-happy NYPD Deputy Inspector Anthony Bologna brought them together, Dedrick and Robert Grodt have become an item.

They kiss passionately, and slumber side by side - but neither would say they are dating.

"Nothing strengthens a relationship like a chemical agent," was Grodt's tongue-in-cheek reply when asked about their romance while they locked lips at the Zuccotti Park encampment earlier this week.

Grodt, an activist and journalist from Santa Cruz, Calif., played his guitar and serenaded his new lady-friend as he recalled the first time he gazed into her watery, red eyes.
Nothing like a little pepper spray to spice up the romance.
Grodt, a volunteer medic for the group's march up to Union Square, rushed to help her as she fell to the pavement, covering her eyes with her hands and screaming in agony. Employees of a nearby movie theater let him take her inside for treatment.

"I was treating her in a utility closet," he recalled.

They say their bond was catalyzed by the time, shortly thereafter, that they spent on the cinema's roof, ranting about police brutality.

"I think the main topic was 'F--- the police,' and how crazy it was, and how lucky we were that we got out when we did," said Dedrick, a teacher's aide from Albany.
A teacher's aide from Albany, huh? Um, so why isn't she back there teaching?

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