Friday, October 28, 2011

Why Sportswriters Shouldn't Dabble in Politics

The latest in the continuing series of Mikey Lupica embarrassments. As he braves the elements from his Connecticut mansion, this man of the people, now a true blue 99%-er, gets to blaming Bernie Madoff and some Wall Street crooks for all the ills facing us. And Bush and Cheney, of course.

Naturally, he misses the mark by a wide margin.
So Bernie is in jail for a thousand years and Rajat Gupta, formerly of Goldman Sachs, stands in a courtroom this week and hears the charges against him on alleged insider trading with Raj Rajaratnam's Galleon Group hedge fund. Rajaratnam has already gone away for 11 years on insider trading. Another big fat one-percenter who got caught, after years when he thought he could get away with anything in a Wild West, casino economy.

Gupta says he is innocent, which means he must have a perfectly good explanation of why he called Rajaratnam within seconds of getting real good boardroom information at Goldman Sachs. And Gupta's lawyer says his client is a man of integrity.

They all are until caught.
Now any "reporter" worth a nickel would see the obvious connections between Madoff, Rajaratnam and Gupta.

Not only were all of them massive contributors to the Democratic Party, the latter two are basically joined at the hip with Obama. But since the media largely ignores that fact, an imbecile like Lupica has zero knowledge of this, nor is he inclined to do even five minutes worth of research.

Of course, Lupica already has his villains, predictably enough.
They would not fit in too well at Zuccotti Park, where you really do find a much better class of American. One of the things they talk about and yell about sometimes is more government regulation, at a time when you are supposed to be some kind of crummy socialist hater of capitalism if you even suggest that. We tried less regulation over the last eight years under Bush and Cheney and all who still think they were such great American capitalists. How did that work out for everybody?
How many Bush and Cheney supporters are in prison or facing trial?
We keep hearing from those who hate everything about Occupy Wall Street - those whose only relevant political philosophy is "I've Got Mine" - that the protestors have no coherent message. It is another lie, like the one about how nobody in these protests really wants to work.
OK, so what's the message, other than the Democratic Party takes millions from criminals?

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