Friday, October 21, 2011

Australian Riot Police Show How You Deal With Occupiers

No pussyfooting around here as the "Occupiers" are swept up in 10 minutes. Memo to the pusillanimous pipsqueak mayors of New York, Boston, Los Angeles, Oakland and other cities around this country where these clowns are making life miserable for residents. Go in and get the job done. The people of your cities will thank you later.
Riot police have stormed the Occupy Melbourne camp, arresting protesters at City Square on a chaotic day in Swanston Street, with the city still blocked.

Assistant Commissioner Stephen Fontana said up to 20 people had been arrested, and several protesters were injured with one taken to hospital.

Angry scuffles broke out in the middle of the CBD, blocking trams and drawing hundreds of protesters and spectators swarming onto the road. Police on horseback were used to try to disperse the crowd.

Assistant Commissioner Fontana said 150 police arrived at the square this morning but the number grew to 400 later in the day.

About 100 Occupy Melbourne demonstrators, who had camped out in the City Square for a week as part of global protests against corporate greed, defied an order to leave by 9am.

A huge police contingent, including the riot squad, started dragging protesters out of the square about 11.30am and cleared the area within 10 minutes.

Officers were dragging people along the ground and carrying others by their arms and legs and loading them into the back of police vans en masse while threats of arrest were met with chants of "we can't hear you!".

While they were being cheered on by the crowd, protesters - still linking arms - retreated, with some crying and others clearly terrified.
I hope they had a nice cry. For all their threats, all their bluster, all their demands, all this shows is they're a bunch of mewling pussies looking for a handout and approval. Man up and get a job.

Tim Blair has some observations, while the Daily Telegraph opines on Occupy Sydney.
JUST in case the protesters at Occupy Sydney weren't aware, Sydney is already occupied. Mostly by people with jobs.

Those attending the week-long protest in Martin Place plainly don't have any great demands on their time, but that isn't stopping them from making some serious demands of the city.

As The Daily Telegraph exclusively reveals, Occupy Sydney activists would like to be supplied with toilets, parking spaces, recycling bins, umbrellas, blankets, a cooking van and garden space. Oh, and don't forget the Wi-Fi.

Anything else while we're at it, kids? Some Bentleys, perhaps? Maybe it's not too late for flights to the World Cup, or any other luxuries that lesser people actually pay money for.

We accept that Occupy Sydney began with good intentions. Greed isn't a good thing and it is welcome that critics of society make their feelings known.

Since then, as those requests show, the protest has become farcical and indulgent.

These activists need to get back to work. And, in answer to the question that most of them will be asking this time next month: Yes, we will have fries with that.
The whole world is watching or something. Thank you, Australian riot police, for showing the world how you deal with these sniveling punks.

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Rose said...

Thank you, TREMENDOUSLY, Aussie Police!!! God bless you with Psalm 91 Soldiers' Shield! Amen, thank You, Lord in Heaven!