Friday, October 21, 2011

Aw: Obama Claims He's Writing Personal Checks to Struggling Americans

Call me skeptical, but I need to see the canceled checks before buying this tripe. I highly doubt this guy's dipping into his own stash to help people out. Unless maybe he's referring to drunken Uncle Omar and Auntie Zeituni.
According to Ten Letters, a new book by Washington Post reporter Eli Saslow, President Obama has on more than one occasion has "cut personal checks to struggling Americans who've written to the White House," the Huffington Post reports.

Said Obama: "It's not something I should advertise, but it has happened."
Don't advertise it, but go ahead and advertise it.

It's like a guy who ransacks your house kicking back a couple of bucks to you. Gee, what sport!

If anyone believes this, drop me a line. I've got a great deal on a New York City landmark that spans the East River.


Brendon Carr said...

Oh no. He won't kick back a few bucks to you, exactly. But if one of the freeloaders to whom Obama's determined to give your money needs a little more, well, then he might write a personal check. Except if he can get more of your money, you selfish prick.

Anonymous said...

Hope and change, now with a money back guarantee!