Thursday, October 27, 2011

'No End in Sight, Unless Our Demands Have Been Met'

Few things in life are more amusing than some sniveling 22-year-old with no clue issuing demands and making empty threats.
Occupy Boston protesters say they’re digging in and staying in Dewey Square for as long as it takes to bring a sea change to America’s corporate culture, even as wintry weather arrives early, posing serious threats to the tent city.

“This isn’t going to end. No end in sight, unless our demands have been met,” protester James Teague, 22, of Lowell said last night as campers hunkered down for rain overnight and even light snow tonight. “If you look around, it’s a functioning society.”
Really? OK, then stay there and function by yourself. See how much fun it is when you have to make some money.
City Health Commissioner Barbara Ferrer warned hard times are ahead for those who remain outside.

“If they have a place to stay when the weather gets bad that’s not in a tent, that’s where they should really be going once the weather gets cold,” she said while touring the encampment yesterday. “This is going to be a rough place.”

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