Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Atlanta Occupied No More

Atlanta is occupied no more. Thank goodness the mayor ordered the police to take out the trash and let's hope they don't come back. These occupy folks have been nothing but rude, crude and immature ever since they appeared as a blight in Woodruff Park in downtown Atlanta and have been one of the largest collections of stupid assembled in one place I have ever witnessed.

Here is a short list of the stupid from this crowd in the days they staged their collective hissy fit.
1) Denied Rep John Lewis an opportunity to speak to them on Day One
2) Engaged in a mind numbing act called the human microphone where by the crowd in a scene straight out of every cult horror show from Hollywood would repeat word for word whatever a speaker said.
3) Staged a protest walk to a hospital in some sort of dispute over a homeless shelter thereby endangering people who may have needed attention at the hospital.
4) Staged daily afternoon protest walks designed to snarl afternoon rush hour traffic.
5) Planned to protest at a mall in the Buckhead area of Atlanta but only managed to get lost on the way and the few that made it were turned away at the doors by security guards.
6) In a final act of something that can only be described as a scene from Harry Potter they marched to the headquarters of Georgia Pacific, a company owned by the Koch brothers, and attempted to levitate the building. Yes levitate the building.

I hope they don't come back, but like a bad cold I have a feeling they are going to try to come back.

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Jeffrey Ray Hardin said...

Go at my Southern Brothers, Give em hell for me! LMBO, bet that hurteded too!  O:-)