Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Middle-Class Warrior Ties Up LA Traffic As He Stops For Chicken and Waffles on Way to Lavish Fundraiser

Nothing like showing you're a man of the people as you stop to schmooze at a chicken and waffle joint. On your way to a $35,000 a head fundraiser with the wealthiest 1%. I wonder if Moochelle knows he was sneaking some chicken and waffles, which when you think of it is the perfect meal for this chump.
President Obama's fundraising swing through Los Angeles made for a tougher afternoon commute for some motorists on Monday.

The traffic problems were most intense in Hancock Park and Mid-City, with east-west commuters facing some delays. A portion of Wilshire Boulevard and adjacent 6th Street were shutdown for several hours, jamming other streets linking downtown and the Westside.

On top of that, Obama made an unscheduled stop at Roscoe’s Chicken and Waffles on Pico Boulevard.

Booths full of early-dinner diners craned their necks to see Obama, who was at the counter ordering for himself and nearby aides, including Valerie Jarrett, Jay Carney, David Plouffe and Marvin Nicholson. With him was Rep. Karen Bass (D-Los Angeles), who represents the area in the House.

Among other items, Obama reportedly ordered the No. 9, “Country Boy” -- three wings with choice of waffle, potato salad or French fries -- which cost $8.90, according to the menu. He quickly moved to the cashier.

The president, sans suit coat and with his shirt sleeves rolled up, then walked to one side of the restaurant and greeted the diners in each vinyl-covered booth.

Obama attended two events that evening.

At an intimate fundraising dinner in Hancock Park, Obama spoke softly to a few dozen supporters who had paid $35,800 each to greet him.

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rich b said...

Just what we need here in L.A. - another traffic jam. And he knows nothing about L.A. food. He should have gone to Taco Bell for some of our fine L.A. dining.