Monday, October 31, 2011

OWS Protester Dressed as Parade Float to Visit Occupy Portland

He'll be the biggest thing in Portland since the 1977 NBA championship.
Occupy Portland volunteers expect a visit Monday afternoon from filmmaker Michael Moore.

Volunteers also say demonstrators following a Halloween-inspired zombie theme will march from Lownsdown Square to a Bank of America to protest the bank’s coal interests.
Protesters should try and dress the opposite of what they really are. In that case they'd dress up as human beings.

Meanwhile, more strife among the human debris in Portland.
Hasan Cross, 32, who is homeless, said drugs and alcohol are rampant among the homeless and that those conditions made the encampment a difficult place to stay. "This is not the message we are trying to convey," he said of substance abuse among campers at the main encampment. As he spoke, Moilanen pointed out multiple large rats darting around the federal plaza in predawn darkness.

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