Friday, October 28, 2011

Fearless OWS Protesters Brave Cold NYC Weather ... in Art Gallery

The vowed to fight through weather that would crush mere mortals in their noble quest to end capitalism and spread anti-Semitism across the land. Yet as the first sign of hitting freezing weather, they scurry like cockroaches in seeks of warmth and free wi-fi.

They are the greatest generation in their own minds.
As fed-up cops are prepared to slap rowdy “Occupy Wall Street” protesters with civil lawsuits, fed-up Zuccotti Park protesters have found a way take a slap at Mother Nature.

Some of the OWS masses dodged yesterday’s cold and rain by ditching their tents and huddling in a nearby art gallery with free WiFi.

Some two dozen protesters and their gear took refuge in the nearby Charlotte’s Place art and public space run by Trinity Wall Street church.

In addition to the Internet connection, Charlotte’s Place has live music at 2 p.m., art on the walls, books and more than a dozen tables.

“We’re basically here to warm up and not be wet,” said an 18-year-old protester named Dylan, who has been in Zuccotti Park for three weeks.

A demonstrator from The Bronx named John added, “I’m glad I found this place. We can come here to get away from the protest.”
If only the rest of us could get away from you.

There the possibility of accumulating snow even in Manhattan tomorrow. I'm not urging you throw snowballs at the protesters, but if provoked you have permission.

Meanwhile, further north in Boston some fearless protesters harken back to their halcyon days as Boy Scouts in preparations for the wintry blast.
Chilly conditions, rain and pending snow didn’t deter members of Occupy Boston last night as the movement approaches its one month mark.

Occupants of Dewey Square braved the freezing rain by wearing layers, weatherizing their tents and feasting on hot meals.

“I was a Boy Scout. I used to camp out in snow. I’m not worried,” said Robert C. Marley as he threw on an extra layer of clothing.
Bob Marley? Really?

Fortunately for them, they've formed a committee to deal with Mother Nature.
As last night’s temperatures fell toward freezing, Dewey Square demonstrators said they were prepared to battle the cold through an organized “weatherization committee” and classes that teach members how to cope with hypothermia.
I also formed my own weatherization committee last night by bringing more wood in for the fireplace.

Other Boston occupiers leaned more toward the logical.
“I could use an extra sleeping bag. I could use another tarp,” he said. “I don’t think I’m going to be warm until next summer. But, I’d rather have snow than rain. Snow don’t leak in my tent.”
He'll be in for a surprise.


southernsue said...

lost souls.

bad parenting!

Terry_Jim said...

WOW, This is just like the Art Gallery with free wiFi that Washington and his troops warmed up in at Valley Forge!