Thursday, October 27, 2011

Getting Harder and Harder To Pick Winners and Losers

Pop quiz time boys and girls. Are the people listed below part of the Occupy Wall Street rabble or the latest losers, er winners of dinner with Michelle and her husband.
Ken Knight works for the U.S. Postal Service in Chandler, Ariz.; Casey Helbling owns a small business in Minneapolis; Wendi Smith of Corydon, Ind., is identified by the campaign as an artist and retired professor; and Juanita Martinez is a retired teacher from Brighton, Colo.
They are actually the totally random winners of a dinner date with the SCOAMF through the little campaign competition they held. The original asking price for a lottery ticket was $5 but due to lack of interest the price was lowered to $3. Seems that just like everything else associated with this administration it too was subjected to a downgrade.

The article did pique my curiosity in one regard. Notice the name Casey Helbling who is identified as a small business owner. Well I was curious why they didn't identify the business or at least what sector it was in so I fired up the handy dandy search engine and in about 10 seconds found his Twitter account along with his website for his business. He is a software developer who prides himself on using 'Green' technology and promoting 'Green' causes and after browsing his Twitter history a flaming feel good liberal who love grassfed beef and gluten free food. Oh and is married to his brother.

I am sure the Secret Service presence will be a little tighter with a postal employee headed their way.

I am sure everybody joins me in congratulating these common Americans for getting a chance to eat with the President and his wife. It's just I bet the meal won't be prepared by Paula Deen.
But Biden will be a no-show. He’s en route to Saudi Arabia on a diplomatic mission.

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Chris W said...

Umm when he said he married his brother, he means he acted as the minister and married his brother to someone else.