Sunday, October 30, 2011

'They’re Harassing Me, Threatening Me'

This sure does sum up the attitude of these punks "occupying" Wall Street. Here you've got a woman working at a McDonald's and these freeloading scum just take over the place and make life miserable.
After about an hour braving the storm in the tents, we made our way to a nearby McDonald’s on Broadway where we encountered about 60 protesters taking refuge from the cold. In the vestibule, a crowd smoked cigarettes.
Wait a minute, didn't King Bloomberg outlaw smoking? How is it these lowlifes get to smoke in a McDonald's vestibule?
A McDonald’s employee struggled to keep the protesters out of an upstairs area of the restaurant that was closed. She declined to give her name or comment on record, but we asked if she was enjoying the increased business that came with the protests. She shook her head.

“They’re harassing me, threatening me. … Other states are closing down, why can’t we?” she asked.
A woman performing more work in one day than all these people combined the past six weeks and she's got to suffer these thugs.

While the left shower sympathy and plaudits on these marauders, a woman working at a McDonald's, and every other decent working person around there, have to suffer.
A pair of men began to scuffle in the restaurant.

“Why don’t you mind you’re [sic] own business?” one said.

Another man called out inviting people to another location.

“Please come to 60 Wall Street,” he shouted.

Using the call and response style of the “people’s microphone” that has become another signature of the Occupy Wall Street protest movement, another man repeated the invitation. We asked him what was happening at 60 Wall Street.

“It’s a warm place that’s bigger than this,” he said.

“Please go there,” said the woman from McDonald’s.
Please, just go somewhere, back to whatever miserable lives you were already living.

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#OccupyFAIL collides with the Law of Diminishing Returns.


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